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Nadège Le Lezec

1985 France

1 Works exhibited

Current location

Paris, France

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  • About the Artist

Trained at the Gobelins Image School in Paris, Nadège Le Lezec enjoys immortalizing contemporary decorative objects with the 8th art, making artistic images and developing photographic series on subjects that question her.

She is passionate about the material transposition of the image, particularly through the photographic book, for which in 2021 she is training at the ENSP Arles.

The act of photography represents for her the means of artistic expression to fight against a feeling of powerlessness to resonate with the world. Inspired by sociological and philosophical research and reflections of contemporary thinkers, her photographic work is interested in how to reconnect with the immanent force of what surrounds us, questions the notions of useful and useless, plays on symbols and the signs of our cultural representations.

Nadège Le Lezec likes to create structured but instinctive, refined and poetic images, the rigorous dialectic of which nevertheless seems to reveal a part of the unconscious in what is not directly brought to the viewer's gaze.

Works by Nadège Le Lezec

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29.7 x 42 cm

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