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"Citizen, I look at the city in which I stroll, where I glean elements to nourish my work. The shapes, the colors, the sounds, the posters,
the graffiti and the lights draw a chronicle of what is constantly in play,
at a steady pace.

The city offers me varied readings of a multifaceted daily life whose new and changing codes are to be grasped, almost on the fly. Liveness matters.
I especially try to work in harmony with the times in which I live.
My entry is anchored in the current. I am a columnist, witness to my time.

How can we try to establish links between perceptions that are not obviously in direct relation? How do you articulate the play of a stain on a wall, with a torn poster, a stretch of horizon, colored reflections, jarring rhythms, silhouettes?
So many nods to painting.

A path of discovery is thus offered to me. Often it surprises me.
Re-readings open up a broader understanding of the stakes of the gaze.

The work is essentially based on drawing and cutting.
The framing or the accumulation of similar pieces testify to a concern for clarification. Certain covers allow to underline the underside of things.
I use spray and acrylic more readily than oil.
Question of urgency, speed of execution.
The delayed entry of instantaneous collection commands.
The lines of lines, the mixture of the writings, often suggest a probable history, to be identified. The strong and bold colors, sometimes acidic, assert themselves like those that the city
imposes on us.
The format of the paintings, in relation to the human size,
promotes a "life-size" confrontation.

Figuration or abstraction?
Both allow for an openness to personalized expression, off strictly marked trails".

- Mr Post

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