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Baby jaguar


100 x 54 x 4cm

3800,00 €

Blue tiger


50 x 47 x 4cm

1400,00 €

Zoom in blue


55 x 36 x 4cm

1300,00 €

In 1989, Gérard Laux began to paint savannah animals signed Mosko in the endangered Moskowa district, in the north of the 18th arrondissement. The following year, the adventure became collective under the name Mosko et associés, with the same simple ambition: to embellish the living environment.
In 2004, it was the first time that street animals were brought into the gallery, on the occasion of the publication of the book "Peignez la girafe". Giraffes, zebras and felines are painted on wood, fences and other recycled materials, and thus reach a completely different reality. His career is developing in France, notably with a remarkable participation in the Tour Paris 13.

Following a process of continuity and rebirth, Gérard Laux has returned to his original signature: MOSKO, as of the beginning of 2015. While persisting in an animal theme, this year of change will also be the year of a new technical approach. Developed during an artist's residency in Dune (Pondicherry) in February 2013, then inaugurated in the street in February 2015 during the Kochi Muziris biennial (Kerala), the latter makes full use of acrylic paint and brushwork. The use of a monochrome stencil for finishing becomes a simple tool. This new approach frees him in every respect, bringing a great freshness in the renewal.