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Bas-du-Fleuve St-Laurent, France

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Born in the Lower St. Lawrence River, Miville (real name Jennifer Tremblay), who grew up and studied stage design at the Conservatoire d'art dramatique in Quebec City, is also a renowned costume designer in the television and theater industry.

Miville's work is inspired, in terms of execution, by the abstract expressionist movement: action painting. -Embracing automatism and abstract expressionism, Miville has inherited the fulgurance of a Marcel Barbeau and the plastic and spiritual approaches of Franz Kline and Antoni Tàpies. "-Éric Clément, LA PRESSE

Without completely covering the raw canvas, cotton or linen, the investment of the body is total when she paints and the movement of an almost meditative violence. -There is in Miville's paintings a subtle brutality, an incredible refinement - I was going to say a tenderness - in what seems at first to be a release. It is soft and violent at the same time. "Mathieu Laca, PAINTER

His approach is both intuitive, charged and liberating. -Despite the disheveled edges of the raw canvases, the droplets of paint that have fallen from the brush and the marks left by the wear and tear of his painting brushes, the works are finely balanced. They have a clarity, a sharpness, a fulgurating quality that recalls certain paintings by Joan Mitchell or Marcelle Ferron." -Josianne Desloges, LE SOLEIL, QC

Composition is crucial for Miville, she considers it to be the breathing of the painting. Her paintings are mounted on false frames once painted, which allows her to play with shapes and space. -Miville has a good sense of movement and aesthetics as well as composition. "Curator Malgosia Bajkowska, SALON B

-" The inspiration of the masters Tàpies, Franz Kline, Francine Simonin and Rita Letendre shines through in her work. "-Sandra Godin, JOURNAL DE QC

For the past 2 years, Miville has been practicing copperplate engraving with passion and plans to share her impressions on paper soon.

Works by Miville

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127 x 89 cm

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