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Untitled 1


50 x 50cm

1000,00 €



120 x 80cm

1000,00 €

"My name is Mirsada Vejselaj. I was born in Peja in Kosovo and have lived in Germany for 25 years. I discovered my love for art a long time ago, when I started with the I only found painting a few years ago. I started with first Drawing, but quickly realized that I was mainly through colors and alternative painting techniques such as pointillism can express that what I feel. And so I started my first forays into the Painting with acrylic paints, supplemented by natural materials such as sand, Pearls and oil - and that's where I stayed. With growing Enthusiasm and joy, today supplemented by sculptures and Installations. I drew my knowledge of art from specialist books, more intensively Research and intensive experimentation with different Media. I am self-taught, a self-taught who is lucky can hardly believe, with the painting in such a beautiful New World to be immersed. I find my inspiration mainly in nature with hers changing colors at different times of the year. Both Images you see here, I will focus on that Interplay of colors, light and nature. I let myself go by guide the moment and my moods. I hope you enjoy my works, which are part of mine are themselves."

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