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Mihailov Vyacheslav Sawich

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Works by Mihailov Vyacheslav Sawich

Guest. 1981


54.5 x 89 x 3cm

8000,00 €


Painting Sculpture and Architecture Institute of Leningrad, of the name I.E.Repin, painting class, workshop of Professor E.E. Moiseenko. 1979 Postgraduate studies: Professor E.E. Moiseenko Workshop. Profession / specialization: painting, drawing. Member of the Russian Artists' Union 1979 Member of the National Association of Italian artists «ITALART». Honored Artist of Russia. Works are in private collections in Russia, France, Germany, USA, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Holland, Switzerland, Denmark, Israel, Japan, Iraq, Belgium.


2005 - Center of the Arts, Vlissingen, Netherlands

2005 - Gallery Vinkeveen, Netherlands

2005 - Presentation of the album "Vyacheslav Mikhailov," the 60th anniversary of his birth. City Sculpture Museum. Saint-Petersburg, Russia

2007 - "Vyacheslav Mikhailov. Architecture". Museum of Architecture of the name A.V. Shchusev, Moscow, Russia

2008 - Gallery «International Art. Inc », Houston, USA 2008 - «Pompei», «Art re.Flex Gallery», St. Petersburg, Russia

2009 - "Vyacheslav Mikhailov One man show:« Architecture », Pushkin House, London, UK. 2012 - Vyacheslav Mikhailov. Russian State Museum, St. Petersburg

2015 - Vyacheslav Mikhailov. "Retrospective". Painting, drawing. Russian State Museum, St. Petersburg