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Michele Liparesi

Bologna (Bologna, Italy), Italy

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Liparesi is from Bologna, here he attends the Artistic high school and the Academy of Fine Arts, with attention to Visual Arts.

Michele Liparesi's works are figurative sculptures, produced mostly by giving shape to the wire mesh. The wire mesh appears as casings of animals modeled in natural size (felines, birds of prey, primates). Liparesi wants to recall various and very personal emotions, from compulsion, to amazement, to freedom.

Among these, some works are interactive sculptures: they are animated by the spontaneous action of the observer who as a "spectator" invites him to participate, with a torch.

These installations consist of deer hunting trophies which, arranged in a dark room illuminated with dim light, evoke the death of the animal as long as the observer becomes active and illuminates them. Thus he revives them, interacting with them, because moving perspective drawings are produced on the walls.

He won the first prize at Artitude's "Right Brain in a White Box", in Milan.

After completing his specialist in Visual Arts and New Expressive Languages ​​in Florence in 2015, he received a special mention at the Giuseppe Lazzareschi Foundation, Porcari (LU).

He won the third prize at the XII edition of the Prize Nocivelli, Brescia 2015 and the second prize at "Young Art XII Marsciano edition" in 2016. Moreover he wins the first sculpture prize on the occasion of A.M.A. Festival in Chiari (BS) in 2018 and the "Vibel Design Metal Creativity Award" on the occasion of Paratissima Turin 2018.

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