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Mélodie Charrier is a young artist who is currently pursuing her studies at the Beaux-Arts in Lyon.

Her very first source of inspiration can be found in the details of her environment, the landscapes and colorful sets that emerge around her: natural elements such as bark, rocks, foliage or even flowers. She tries to capture their "essence" in order to come up with a new, more abstract interpretation.

Thus, the shapes can be simplified and the colors alternate large traces of paint and more precise areas. His work tends to question the viewer about the nature of what is represented by creating an ambiguous image.

She herself wonders about the notion of Space and the bridges that there can be between a plane image and a solid object. The confrontation between our visual relationship to digital images as well as our physical relationship to reality is at the center of his work.

Sensitive to the mixtures of materials, she develops in her works a dialogue between painting and sculpture. Thus, her sculptures are thought of as paintings and his paintings have a real sculptural aspect.

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