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1973 Brescia, Italy

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Max Bi, pseudonym of Massimiliano Battagliola (Brescia, 1973), began to experiment with various artistic techniques from a very young age, between the late 90s and early 2000s, passing casually from the projection techniques of the image on canvas emulsified to graffiti tribals composed with thickening of sand, quartzite and aluminum powder, from the calligraphic graphics of the writers reproduced with the stencil and the spray can to the collage, from the iconographic panorama of Pop Art but reworked with practices that recall the Nouveau Réalisme.

Countless exhibitions in Italy and abroad and in the main fairs with the Colossi gallery in Brescia. Much appreciated by critics are his latest post-street art paintings and sculptures designed for anthropomorphic animals in imaginary cities.

The artist has exhibited, on the occasion of important personal and collective exhibitions, in Paris, New York and, in Italy, at Villa Ponti in Arona (No), at the Palazzo Medici Ricciardi in Florence, at the Civic Tower of Solferino (Mn) as well as in Crema, Milan and Brescia. He was also the winner, in 2006, of the Homo Urbanus Prize, organized by the Faculty of Architecture of Palermo and finalist of the Celeste San Gimignano Prize (SI).

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