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Mauricio Velez

Medellin, Colombia

3 Works exhibited on Kooness

Current location

435 21st street Miami Beach, FL 33139

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Works by Mauricio Velez

Half Angels Half Demons #88


91.44 x 182.88 x 0.25cm

3202,00 €

Half Angels Half Demons #18


60.96 x 91.44 x 0.25cm

2288,00 €

Zebra #26


, Digital Print

82.55 x 82.55 x 0.25cm

2288,00 €

The work of Mauricio Velez means to refine the sensitivity and perception of the viewer towards art and the human body. It is a way to elevate them to an aesthetic level that can either inspire or disturb, but whose intention is to confront the viewer with the image.

Mauricio Velez was born and lives in Colombia. He has actively worked as a photographer for 28 years. He trained at the European Institute of Design in Italy. Since then, Velez has worked on a very large number of projects in Latin America, the United States, and Spain.