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Catania, Italy

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Allegory of the Planets and Continent


80 x 110cm


Matteo Mauro graduated from University College of London. He collaborates with influential designers such as Ron Arad and Isaie Bloch, and teaches Digital Art in various English universities. Thanks to his university teachings, he approached new digital representation techniques which he was passionate about until this became his instrument of artistic expression. Matteo Mauro is known for his series of paintings 'Micromegalic Inscriptions', winners of various Awards, among which: the International Van Gogh Prize given by José Van Roy Dalí, son of Salvador Dalí.

Matteo's works take shape from a combination of analog and digital elements that characterise the aesthetics of his creations. The Micromegalic Inscriptions are digital engravings that evolve the traditional carving technique. These creations, which are categorised as Generative Art, not only reinterpret the mechanical processes of traditional engraving, but, being infinitely reproducible, exemplify the evolution of mass production practices and the inevitable symbiosis between man and the car.

Matteo Mauro's works have been exhibited in the largest art institutions alongside works by Marina Abramovic and Anish Kapoor, including: the Royal Academy of Arts, the MACS, the Mars Museum, the MEAM, the Dubai Ing- Creatives, 798 Beijing, Qianjiang International Art Museum, Factory Museum, MACAM Beirut and various others. The publications and articles on the artist's project are innumerable.

Il mio Barocco // Museo della Fabbrica, Monastero dei Benedettini – Catania, Italy
Permanent Collection // Songyang Museum Contemporary Art – China
European Excellence of Arts // MEAM Museu Europeu d’Art Modern – Barcelona, Spain


Permanent Collection // Qianjiang International Art Museum 錢江國際美術館 – Hangzhou
Permanent Collection // MACS – Museo Arte Contemporanea Sicilia – Catania, Italy
Belt and Road // Hangzhou European Art Museum 歐洲藝術博物館 – Hangzhou Library Art Centre
L’Anima, il Colore, la Materia // Fondazione Museo Crocetti – Rome, Italy
Wondertime // Polo Museale Civico – GAM Monastero di Santa Chiara – Catania, Italy
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2018 // RA of Arts – London, UK
Young Art – Meeting Internazionale Arte Contemporanea // Museo Marte – Cava dei Tirreni, Italy
Van Gogh International Art Exhibition // Museo Civico G. Sciortino Monreale – Palermo, Italy
Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2016 // RA of Arts – London, Summer 2016. [with Bloomlab Studio]