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Bruxelles, Belgium

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Mathieu Weemaels or the impossible materiality of reality

Mathieu Weemaels was first a pastellist. For more than 20 years, he has been working with oil on canvas in the same spirit of dense, soft, superimposed and slightly blurred pigments. Is it this patiently developed technique that gives a feeling of impossibility to seize the real, while the painter is looking for, around him, in the intimacy of his family and his studio, the subjects of his paintings? Is it his inspiration, surprisingly drawn from the abstract painters, and particularly Rothko, the master of the blurred color? The more the painter makes this flowerpot, this woman, this plant alive, the more it escapes a "representation": blurred contours, light a little gray and oblique of the North, play of mirrors, place left to the voids, to the silences, to the absences. The painting is detached from the material, allowing it at most to emerge between two questionings. This vibrato, deaf and constant, this subtle pulsation of the world, this eye which seeks and understands that it must slightly veil itself to seize the essence of the things, all that is upsetting in the painting of Mathieu Weemaels. But this seizure of the heart is done with gentleness and respect: the distance, always... The distance that makes free, the acceptance of the solitude of beings and things, because precisely, it is in the empty spaces that links can grow. Tiny, like fragile colors. Mathieu Weemaels offers to the eye a reserved and intense painting. He has the splendor of the discreet, in short: lasting.

For the other ingredient of his painting is time. Time, introduced by the passage from pastel - a rapid gesture all in mastery, to oil - "slow drift towards the unknown, towards surprise and mystery".

He analyzes: "My work could be compared in a certain way to the progression of a walker who would be lost and who, following a path a little at random, would discover a world of silence and deep appeasement.

Mathieu Weemaels, or painting conceived as a meditative state deeply rooted at the edge of the world.

Mathieu Weemaels was born in 1967. He lives and works in Brussels. Initially convinced that he wanted to draw, he enrolled at the famous school of La Cambre. There he discovered pastel, which suits his intimist inclination. At the turn of the year 2000, he resolutely turned to oil. He exhibits mainly in France, Belgium, Italy, Austria and Denmark.