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Martín Duque

Madrid, Spain

5 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Martín Duque

The Wait


Sculpture , Bronze

30 x 29 x 15cm

1340,00 €

Bird and Star


Sculpture , Bronze

10 x 44 x 10cm

1140,00 €

Young Ballet Dancer


Sculpture , Bronze

20 x 44 x 16cm

980,00 €

Big Act of Cluster Woman


Sculpture , Bronze

31.5 x 33 x 17cm

1290,00 €

Big Act of Naked Man


Sculpture , Bronze

31.5 x 37 x 27.5cm

1380,00 €

Luis J. Martin Duque is an artist born in 1967 in Madrid and licensed by Fine Arts Faculty of Madrid’s Complutense University.

He specialises in painting and sculpture applying to them a surprising dose of realism.

His works are inspired by everyday life, and they present different aspects of Madrid and its streets. All characterised by hyperrealist style of the crisp images that are so photographic.

With a variety of pieces demonstrating their high quality, the artistic potential displayed by Martin Duque is huge. And both in his original creations and sculptures, as well as within the reproductions of classic by his hand.

Martin Duque possesses very distinctive style captured in each of his sculptures, with great reality, and where we can almost feel the movement as in his known piece "Walking Man" or "Synthesis of Women".