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Martin Aitken

1988 Toulouse, France

7 Works exhibited

Current location

Paris and Minervois

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Martin Aitken is a Franco-British painter born in Toulouse in 1988.

He lives and works between Paris and the Minervois.

He graduated from the Ésad d'Amiens in 2015.

There is the film "Le Tambour" and there is Martin Aitken.

Like the character of Oscar, Martin expresses, with the help of his brushes, his refusal to become an adult.

It is then interesting to see how all this takes shape in his practice.

The whole of his images, even when he tends to hyperrealism, has the appearance of comic book vignettes, a world he loves and which has forged him.

A child who plays the artist, this could be what characterizes his universe and his person.

It is not a defect due to an approximate technique, but a strength.

Some artists play with the rules of perspective, proportion or other to bring a strangeness that makes their work attractive.

Martin Aitken has integrated all this and goes further.
He leads the viewer to question who the author is.

It is an in-between, an adult who misses the time of childhood.

This provokes an astonishing feeling, between the gravity provoked by nostalgia, by the subjects treated (objects and neglected landscapes, from a not so distant time), and the irony of the line which de-dramatizes by bringing a lightness which calms.

Martin Aitken is represented at Maison contemporain since April 2021.


2019 - Commis d'office - Group exhibition at the Alain Lebras workshop, Nantes.
2019 - Participation in the GIFC event at the Galerie du jour - agnès b. Paris
2015 - Exhibition on a collective of graphic designers, Galerie de l'Ésad d'Amiens - Group exhibition

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