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Livorno, Italy

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

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140 x 140cm

2800,00 €

Vietato Fumare


48 x 48cm

950,00 €

Mart was born in Livorno in 1988 and has been interested in art since childhood, producing and experimenting relentlessly.
Already during high school Mart Signed is an active and well-known Street Artist in the Livorno underground scene. In recent years, his sensitivity and attention to the most disruptive social and environmental issues emerged.
After graduating in advertising graphics in Livorno, Mart Signed attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence. It is a period of great fervor, creativity and growth: Mart participates in various events, fairs, exhibitions and, in parallel with the understanding of the art of the past, refines his favorite techniques: stencil, spray and collage.
He is also active as a performer and creates numerous installations. It is his famous performance where the spectator and his actions themselves become the work.