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Mark Hix

1964 United States

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Mark Hix is a Los Angeles based artist, whose paintings and sculptures are known for their expressive style and spiritual overtones. Anachronistic by nature, his work speaks to an admiration for the art of the modern era. Born in Philadelphia in 1964, but raised in a mid-west suburb of Chicago, Hix made his way to the down-town lofts of Los Angeles by the end of the 1990’s. The early years involved many jobs in the construction field as well as some time as a scenic painter. A shoulder injury and an exposure to the writings of Nietzsche and Thoreau changed things. At the age of 27, a serious, self taught study in art began to arise, and within a few years it had become a full-time vocation. Moving into a studio at “The Brewery”, an artist community that opens their doors annually to thousands of the general public, became the perfect environment to experiment in different mediums.

Recent works have focused on a figurative approach; more specifically, the "Heroes of the Counter-Culture" paintings. These are not-portraits. That is, they're not portraits in the traditional sense. These are representations of well-known images of counter-culture icons. Images that have already permeated the collective psyche of our times. Whereas the typical portrait is trying to portray a personal characteristic of the sitter, these paintings are an attempt to transcend the images of these subversive rebels into subjects of nobility. By using a classical style, these not-portraits are imbued with antiquity. In doing so, paying tribute to their legacy. Hix currently lives and works in Riverside, CA.

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