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Mario Yoel Fiestas

Granada, Spain

3 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Mario Yoel was born in Granada in 1987. From a sculptor mother, he grew up among sculptures, which is why from a young age he has felt attracted to this discipline until he took it to the professional field and became recognized as a highly prestigious sculptor. His other passion is drawing, where he is inspired by mixed feelings representing them in female figures, "the subtlety of a woman with the hardness of life makes an exceptional combination".

That combination with the movement of the hair with some clean lines in his works makes it something harmonious and at the same time hypnotic.

His drawings are a kind of personal diary, in which the protagonists, always female figures, represent the emotional ups and downs of the artist. At the same time, there is a sort of dialogue and contrast between the subtlety of the figures and the harshness of the most heartbreaking passions they embody. A combination in which the movement of the hair and the clean strokes turn the works into something harmonious and at the same time hypnotic.

He studied at the University of Fine Arts of Granada with a course in Poland finishing with the best grade of his promotion completing his studies with a Master's Degree in Drawing at the same University.