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One of the distinguishing features of artists of great value is that they are instantly recognizable. In this respect, Mario Esposito has won his battle: wherever you will find his works, you will recognize them immediately. The artist builds all his art on the great technique of communication, on the ability to express real emotions with his brushstrokes.

The resulting impulses, tremors and excitement live in a parallel universe, a world created to show and lead the public to ‘his art’. The canvas is the link between the painter’s cosmos and the infinite emotions that live in each of us. The artist’s imagination and creativity are transmitted to his creations to contaminate the sensitivity of those who enjoy their sight. The colors and the lines recount the passion the artist puts into filling up with emotions the hearts of the observers. The lines are neat and well-defined, the colors are impetuous.

The strokes seem to sizzle on the canvas, unable to contain the massive wealth of feelings that Esposito tries to compact in his creations. Strong color contrasts forcefully enter the visual field of the observer. Esposito’s works call for contemplation and meditation. What is more, they lead the observer to live with them as a result of the strong aesthetic emotion that the works offer. Esposito’s depictions are first fertilized by his creativity, and then made adjust to the color.

The object, therefore, undergoes a mutation process that contradicts the reality. Esposito’s compositions are energetic and restless, they chomp at the bit on the canvas just as well as the sensations that multiply in the mind of the beholders.

Works by Mario Esposito

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