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Saint Mandé, France

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La pastelliste


65 x 50 cm

KARBOWSKI, the legend of the worlds

Marine Karbowski was born in 1978 in Saint Mandé. Trained at the Beaux-Arts d'Avignon, she has exhibited regularly since 2006, in France (galleries and institutions) and abroad: notably New York, Vietnam and Luxembourg. She now lives and works in Occitania. She had a retrospective exhibition at the Galerie Mondapart in Boulogne, curated by the Galerie Cécile Dufay, in January 2021. An exhibition that Laurent Le Bon, then President of the Picasso Museum, honored with his presence and his encouragement. For 17 years, Cécile Dufay has followed with admiration the evolution of Marine Karbowski's work. It is impregnated with serenity, without losing its humor, with this constant to make bizarre and hallucinated the most banal saynets. It is no longer common to paint under LSD, but Marine Karbowski secretes by herself this faculty to perceive the strange and penetrating mystery that surrounds us, without filter, thanks to her shaman soul. Perhaps this is why she feels so much at home on the other side of the world, among the Hmong, this complex and preserved territory where invisible presences are still familiar. For her, drawing, and particularly dry pastels, is primary. It is a tight colorful and sensory mesh that weaves together the marvelous and the prosaic. Nothing is simple, there is no "reality". But the jaded universe that is now ours needs to relearn the meaning of mystery. But be careful, it does not embellish the daily life. She pierces it, either delicately or by laceration, to let the light of the spirits filter through. It is no longer a journey, not quite science fiction. It is an escape.