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Marie Donnève

United States

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"My research focuses on memory, traces, the question of the invisible and its representations.

Often working in series, I use different techniques, notably drawing, in the exploration of the trace in the literal and figurative sense. Charcoal, graphite lead, paint ... or even paper, torn or crumpled, which reveals the contrasts between the materials.

What interests me is what emerges from erasure, from appearance / disappearance, when the medium captures the unspeakable and reveals it.

Inspired by inhabited spaces where a form of intimacy remains, I work from my own photographs, fetishes or drawings, sometimes made in situ. Of these images that I like to deconstruct slightly to open up to other realities, I reproduce all or part, I take fingerprints, what remains of a passage.

The stains, the folds of the sheets, the wear and tear of a seat or even a plant presence then transform into graphic, organic patterns, which I use as devices for the emergence of a strange in-between.

From this ambivalence between mastery and letting go, new perspectives are born, other forms appear, other worlds.

I explore this possibility of a dimension which would be superimposed on another by playing with the light, more or less intense, which will create a tension, model the images and give them movement by the plays of chiaroscuro and deformations. .

To make the shadows dance is to cross time.

An analogy of metamorphosis, the in-between is that part of mystery that arises in a place, an object, a body. It's a suspended moment, the tiny trace of a passage where I like to venture out and maybe see a presence arise, an elsewhere. "

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50 x 65 cm


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