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4 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Works by Marianne Lefevre

Sublime and silence


73 x 92 x 2cm

800,00 €



90 x 60 x 2cm

850,00 €

Over the tops


61 x 50 x 2cm

590,00 €

The red hour


65 x 81 x 2cm

700,00 €

When she starts painting, her compositions usually do not have a fixed orientation. The canvas is placed on the ground. She "attacks" it from all sides, bypassing it. Most often, by applying color in dynamic bursts using large paintbrushes, brushes or spray cans. The composition reflects these movements. The lines advance in one direction, mark the diagonal of the canvas, make a sudden change of direction ... These dynamic oscillations, often black, are articulated against a background of color (s), literally exploding contrasts and shapes.

The speed and spontaneity of the pictorial gesture make it possible to create traces of shapes and passages, as well as textures

Her artistic signature: minimalist, almost abstract and sometimes even gestural painting.