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United States

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Works by Maria Fernanda Lairet

Born in Caracas, Venezuela. Degree in Graphic Design from the Design Institute of Caracas in 1987. Throughout her plastic career she has ventured into graphic design, drawing, photography and painting, disciplines that work without limitations and combine to result in surprising pieces. by the use of the support and the mixture of techniques.

During the eighties he began his exhibition activity, when he made pieces framed within abstract expressionism and a painting with strong mastery of the gestures in which, according to the artist's own words, «(...) only the supreme gesture of painting mattered» .

 Currently, the artist carries out a more reflective and conceptual work through which she reviews the currency - the paper money in particular - of different denominations and nationalities, in which to reveal issues of political, economic and social news, through the use of digital printing on plexiglass sheets.

He has participated in collective and individual exhibitions in universities, galleries, biennials, fairs and shows, both in Venezuela and abroad.