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Margot Darvogne

1993 Paris, France

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Born in 1993 in Paris, Margot Darvogne began ceramics at the age of 4, a technique that will follow her until today.

She entered the Beaux-Arts de Paris in 2012. There she developed her sculpture practice through other materials (papier mâché, metal, forge) and work in new mediums (drawings, painting, photography) which enriched her vocabulary. . She builds her critical and visual spirit thanks to numerous exhibitions in which she participates and of which she is sometimes the curator. After a stint at KIT - a run-space workshop - she worked at the Goldsmith in Saint-Denis.

"My paintings are a fantasy representation of waterfalls, deserts, clouds, mountains, seen through the prism of bright colors. I work with watercolor and oil pastel, these two mediums each allow me in their own way to create shapes, gradients, over which I don't always have control. The support for my pastels has recently been metal, which allows me to create a painting-object: indeed the support becomes a material, a relief that frames the painting. I make the frame for my watercolors, because it allows me to control the window through which they are viewed. These landscapes come out of my imagination, composed of figures that come back often (water, earth, sky) or inspired by existing landscapes".

Works by Margot Darvogne

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