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Margherita Lipinska

1964 Danzica, Poland

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Margherita Lipinska was born in 1964 in Poland, in 1989 she graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk. In 1991-92 she continued her studies in History of Art in Rome at the La Sapienza University. Her works are often large in size, executed with acrylic colors on jute and velvet canvas treated with heavily textured plasters, often engraved and contaminated with the presence of different materials. The presence of images of classical sculptures is the starting point for dialogue with the viewer through the language of the images that are familiar to him. The gesture of desecration of the classic object is accomplished through a pictorial intervention, with the use of material and abstract forms of action painting. Numerous galleries represent her, especially in Rome and Milan. Lipinska has solo and group exhibitions worldwide.

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