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Margaux Henry-Thieullent

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Margaux Henry-Thieullent, is a French visual artist.

Architect, graduated from Paris Malaquais in 2019, her drawing work is presented the same year at the DDessin show in Paris as well as at the Vrrraiment Festival in Toulon.

In October 2020, she was invited to exhibit at the Galerie 5un7 in Bordeaux.

As soon as the cultural venues reopen, Margaux Henry-Thieullent will participate in the group exhibition, Vaste Monde #2 organized by the Villa Beatrix Enea, Centre d'Art Contemporain d'Anglet.

Her video work was recently selected for the last Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin.

She will present her first solo show at the Cité des Arts in Bayonne in 2021.

"In the artist's work, this porosity between paper and digital is representative of a contemporary era that is subordinate and dependent on screens, which she aptly depicts in the piece "The mountain is watching you".

In this drawing, later integrated into a three-dimensional digital environment, the two subjects caught up in their own image on the screen seem to forget the piercing gaze of the outside, that of the Mountain.

This composite narrative that emerges from Margaux's works opens the field of possibilities towards a world where bodies, planes and scales free themselves from conventions.

We navigate through saturated landscapes where the digital is omnipresent, thus representing the digital as a source of emancipation as well as oppression.

Proposing an intimate and kaleidoscopic interpretation of her time, Margaux Henry-Thieullent seems to question our ability to exist within the moving, sometimes violent flows that drain our relationship to the world, to others and to ourselves.

Léna Peyrard.

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