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Works by Margarita Garcés Echeverría

Ara, El Altar


150 x 100cm

4442,07 €



180 x 120cm

6528,62 €

Taurus, El Toro


130 x 150cm

4720,34 €

Margarita Garcés Echeverría was born in Santiago in 1966. She studied design at the Catholic University of Chile. Since 1996 she has taken workshops with renowned artists such as Bororo, Concepción Balmes, Arturo Duclos and Matias Movillo where she finished her training.
Since 1999 she has held numerous individual and group exhibitions and Fairs in Chile, the United States and Europe.
My paintings locate physical locations and imaginary and random spaces. I use elements of the cartography language to give a real reference, to locate the eye in something known as before I wanted to locate it with the horizon and the sea. Orient myself in space, in the galaxies, travel to a non-existent world.