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Marco Mazzoni

1982 Tortona, Italy

3 Works exhibited

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Born in 1982 in Tortona. Lives and works in Milan.

Marco Mazzoni has always preferred the use of colored pencils on paper. His subjects, taken from the animal or vegetable kingdom, are interchanged seamlessly with his female figures, always the same contours and with eyes closed, or hidden by flowers or butterfly wings. Mazzoni's imagery revolves around a femininity that, as expressed, takes on the role of representing the complete spectrum of human feelings, regardless of gender. Although not very fond of traveling Mazzoni collaborates closely with international companies in New York, Los Angeles, Brussels and Amsterdam.

For his solo exhibition at the Giovanni Bonelli Gallery he recreated in a small wooden house a room set up like a child's bedroom so as to show the public the simplicity and evocative power of the objects that surround him in the moments of creation.

Selected Solo Shows


“Dear Collapse”, ThinkSpace Gallery, Los Angeles (USA)



“Home”, Galleria Giovanni Bonelli, Milan (I)



“Immune”, Think Space Gallery, Los Angeles, (USA)

“White Days”, Gallery B15, Copenhagen(DK)



"Naturama", Roq La Rue Gallery, Seattle (with Lindsey Carr)(USA)

"AnimanerA", Jonathan Levine Gallery, New York(USA)

"Il Ricordo è un Consolatore Molesto", Galleria Patricia Armocida, Milan(I)



“La Natura Squisita. Oltre i confini del POP” (with Fulvio Di Piazza and Nicola Verlato), curated by Alberto Mattia Martini andJulie Kogler, Fondazione Stelline, Milano(I)

"River of Milk", Roq La Ruegallery, Seattle(USA)2011XsTY, Gallery B 15, (DK)



Ergot, Nur Gallery, Milano (Italy)



Corpus picturae, Galleria delle battaglie, Brescia (Italy)



Antropologia di un cannibale, Castello di San Giorgio –spazio dovevaccadere, Legnano(I)



Selected Group Shows


The Moleskine Project VII, Spoke Art, New York(USA)

The Seventh Annual Supersonic Invitational,Spoke Art, New York(USA)



Cluster: A Group Show of Groupings, Jonathan LeVine Projects, New York(USA)



Slang Aesthetics and 20 Years Under JuxtapozInfluence, LAMAG Museum, Los Angeles


The Lost Mitten Society, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York (USA)

Oh The Places We Have Been: Rediscovering the Past, Jonathan LeVine Project, New York(USA)

Platinun Blend, curated by Stephanie Chefas, Modern Eden Gallery, San Francisco(USA)

La Familia, Think Space Gallery, Los Angeles(USA)


JUXTAPOZ ITALIANO. Four Artists who defy convention, curated by Matteo Sapio, ICC_Los Angeles (USA)

Suggettivism, curated by Nathan Stoor, CoproGallery, Los Angeles (USA)

Gennem Byen Gang, Gallery Beoni, Copenhagen (DK)

Made Painting in Italy, curated by Willy Verginer, Van Campen&Rochtus Gallery, Antwerpen (B)


‘Post It Show’, GR2, Giant Robot, Los Angeles(USA)


"Crucifixion", Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles(USA)

Go with the flow, curated by Alberto Mattia Martini, Villa Bottini, Lucca(I)

Examples parte seconda, spazio Contract, Crema(I)

New Blood, Thinkspace Gallery, curated by Morgan Spurlock, Los Angeles(USA)

Suggettivism NYC, Bold Hype Gallery, curated by Nathan Spoor, New York(USA)

One of a Kind, Strychnin gallery, Berlin(DE)

Death and the Maiden, Roq la Rue, Seattle(USA)

Motion, Corey Helford Gallery, Los Angeles(USA)

Unnatural “Natural History” Royal West of England Academy, Bristol, (UK)

Kingdom Animalia, curated by Kirsten Anderson e Joey Remmers, Big Life Foundation, Los Angeles(USA)



Lush Life 3, RoqLa Rue Gallery, Seattle(USA)

Storyboard, BonelliLAB, Canneto Sull’Oglio, Mantova(I)

The Emergence of the POP-Imagist, a cura di Jonathan LeVine e Giovanni Bonelli, Scuola dei Mercanti, Cannaregio, Venezia(I)

54. Esposizione d’Arte Internazionale, Biennale di Venezia, Padiglione Italia, curated by Vittorio Sgarbi, Padiglione Regionale Lombardia, Palazzo Te, Mantova(I)

L'altra Faccia, Autoritratti Contemporanei, curate by Rob Smeets, Le Gallerie dei Gerosolimitani, Perugia(I)

Modern Faboulist, curated by Richard Scarry e Chippy Coates, Viewgallery, Bristol(UK)

Direction, Galleryb15, Copenhagen(DK)

New Grotesque, Oratorio di S. Ambrogio, Milano(I)

Nuova Figurazione Italiana, Chiesa di S. Maria della Rosa, Calvisano, Brescia(I)



VII Biennale d’Arte Postumia Giovani, curated by Beatrice Buscaroli, Gazoldo degli Ippoliti, Mantua (I)

nell’arte, curated by Marcello Riccioni and Annalisa Ghirardi, sala dei provveditori, Salò (I)

XI Premio Cairo, Museo della Permanente, Milan (I)

Summer International Group Show, Jonathan LeVine Gallery, New York (USA)


Works by Marco Mazzoni

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