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Padova, Italy

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Marco Bettio was born in Padua in 1974 and after attending art school he attended the Painting section of the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, without obtaining a diploma. During his years at the academy he took part in and organised his first exhibitions in public and private spaces. In 1996 he moved to Pistoia, where he exhibited and began to collaborate with architecture and interior design studios. From 2002 to 2014 he lived and worked in Milan, collaborating with various galleries and independent spaces including Open Art Gallery and Galleria Antonio Battaglia. Since 2014 he has lived between Turin and Aosta where, in 2015, he exhibited in the rooms of the regional archaeological museum. Among the most significant institutional venues in which she has exhibited are the Fonderia delle Arti in Rome (2013) and Palazzo Zenobio in Venice (2012).

Painting is always, in one way or another, a place of rituality. Regardless of his approach to the medium. For Bettio, painting today represents the place and time of the journey. A journey that sees desire as a vital stimulus, but also a journey that keeps him in relation to the place where he is living and the places where he has lived. Painting a landscape, a fragment of it, be it a tree or the mountain that saw him grow up, allows Bettio to take possession of a place, a history, a culture, that belongs to him only laterally in the time he has lived there or is living there. Painting is therefore his attempt to maintain a possible balance between what has been, and what Marco Bettio wishes could be, through small notations, whether dreams or memories.