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Marc Brousse

1984 France

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"The life of a drawn trait" After many years spent abroad (Netherlands, Belgium), Marc Brousse currently lives in Bordeaux. A graduate in architecture (TUDelft), he began his artistic career at the end of 2015 alongside his profession as an architect. The artist deploys a new artistic language called traitillism by reinterpreting a technique “discovered” by Paul Clodel Cochard. juxtaposed with the codes of architectural representations. His works are done in ink (rotring), charcoal and graphite. Each creation is drawn with the naked eye and freehand. The first visible influence results from the artist's fascination with the art of building, the history of civilizations, religions and myths. Through his works, the artist tends to generate at different scales of reading cities with intriguing architectures and offbeat components. Marc links, rhythm and juxtaposes the line to infinity to deploy figures generating a series of metamorphoses, bending with our received ideas, based on reason and normality. “Life is a line, thought is a line, each line is a vision of space and of the world”. From this postulate, the artist builds his reflection, namely the intimate relationship that exists between the architecture of Nature and that of Man. During his travels, the artist has noticed that cultural and architectural development follows the epigenetic concept. Each city, urban artefact, is a unique “species” in the sense that its juxtaposition of buildings and spaces constitutes the epigenetic program of this place. Epigenesis - as a principle of development where each building not only echoes the existing environment but adds something new and dynamic to the city. His artistic reflection is nourished by the work carried out by MC Escher, and his work on cylindrical perspectives, F. Schuiten and his futuristic, melancholic cities, JB Piranese and his pictorial representations of Rome, Lequeu and his timeless architectural fantasies, or even Dechirico and his work on metaphysics.






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