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Manuel Pérez-Sanjulián Clemente, better known in the art world as Sanjulián, master of fantasy art, was born in 1940 in Barcelona where he grew up, in love with the power of observation and in awe of the naturalistic style and classic technique of Spanish painter Velázquez.

Ever the American cinema enthusiast, he began drawing inspired by the movie posters and movie ads in the newspapers. When his childhood wish, based on the family tradition, to become a naval officer didn’t pan out, he turned to his favorite pastime and, on the advice of a painting conservator friend, having made some posters, sounded out the studios and gotten some work for Fox, he enrolled at the Sant Jordi Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona.

He started his career in the comics world and his talent was put to use in the romantic, detective fiction or western genres. But it was in 1970 with Frank Frazetta, often his inspiration, in the American magazine company Warren Publishing when creating covers for its horror, fantasy and sci fi magazines, he found his calling.

Eventually he became known illustrating the covers of DC Comics, Creepy, Eerie, etc. His Vampirella and Conan the Barbarian series covers specially gained him international recognition. They are cult classics and good examples of his expert command of color and of pictorial techniques.

He continued his career illustrating historical novels for Dell Publishing and through the years he has worked for all the main agencies and publishing houses: Avon, Ace, Warner, DAW, Bantam, Signet, SI, Norma and many more.

Understandably, his most fervent admirers are Americans, but followers from around the world covet his artwork. There are art book cover collectors and comic book collectors of characters such as Batman or Red Sonja. Even celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Danny DeVito, Mel Gibson, among others, who request his unique creations, be it in the pencil drawing or the oil painting style.

Throughout his professional career, he has also collaborated on projects like The Empire Strikes Back, and he had the opportunity to design the art cover for the DVD release of George Lucas’ THX 1138. Mr. Lucas himself owns many of his original, both oil and pencil, masterpieces. Sanjulián is an honored and awarded member of New York’s Society of Illustrators.

Today, this most prolific genius continues to dedicate his life to his exceptional and instantly recognizable art of illustration style, which brings together a realist approach and the fantasy genre. Still with the same quality and speed that surprise anyone who knows him.