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Manon Delarue

1991 United States

1 Works exhibited

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Paris, France

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Through series of drawings, performances and installations, Manon Delarue tells a very direct reality, charged with humor and poetry. Far from condemning the drawing to the small edition, Manon declines it on the contrary on the wall, in various formats, by dressing it up with bright colors, headlines and/or attractive effects to address more acidic issues. During an artistic residency in Iceland, Manon realized a humorous reportage on the wall where she asked the public to intervene on her own compositions, leaving them free to give their opinions. In Japan, on the occasion of her first solo exhibition, she invites visitors to embody what she calls "a strong woman".

She builds a female character out of foam, leaves a hole in the face and invites the participants to stick their heads through it. She then questions them about their own relationship to power.

The performative and playful aspect of her work is rooted in her love of comedy and acting. "When I was six, I was a clown. As a teenager, I went to a lot of stand-up comedy. As a young adult, I did improv. I'm attracted by the generosity of language and the body, but also by the duality of vulnerability and power on stage.

When you play with the audience, a pact of trust is created. It is capable of enriching a show or making it take a different path. I love this discomfort of the participatory, performative project because it is fertile."

This great admirer of humor drawings, of Reiser, Meurisse, Bretécher and Bosc, began to propose immersive narratives under the influence of Alechinsky. "

I was electrified, like when you stand in front of huge landscapes and they tell you about the most sacred and perhaps secret part of yourself. This experience of 'seeing' has been instrumental in my journey."

Manon approaches human relationships, misery, desire and beauty with great sensitivity. Sometimes ferocious, sometimes very tender, she works as close to the present as possible, as much on the everyday as on the political phenomenon. Her only moral imperative is to leave no respite from abuse.

"My work allows me not to be subjected to stupidity. I am merciless to those who crush others but I fight calmly. I sometimes do months of research before I can be fair."

Basically, if one were to determine the question his approach poses, in all circumstances, one could take Butler's question, given at a conference:

"What is a good life?"

- Annette and Alberto Giacometti Foundation
Cultural mediator
Drawing teacher (adults, teenagers, children)
Animator of the sports visit
- Louis Vuitton Foundation
Cultural mediator
Visual arts instructor
- Art-Exprim - elementary schools
Intervenor in contemporary art and comics
- Sorbonne Nouvelle University - Cultural Action Office
Assistant of the cultural action
- Maison de la culture du Japon - Japonismes Festival
Project manager for "Jogging in the sunset
- Ruppert and Mulot Agency
Colorist, supervised by Florent Ruppert
- University of Paris Sciences et Lettres - Welcome Desk
In charge of the cultural program
- SNU Summer School, Seoul - PSL University, Paris
Logistics manager
- XXI Magazine
Graphic design internship, supervised by Quintin Leeds
- Charlie Hebdo
Internship in humor drawing, supervised by Cabu

- National Superior School of Fine Arts of Paris
National Superior Diploma of Plastic Expression
Dominique Gauthier and Joann Sfar workshops
- Otemae University, Osaka, Japan
Sumi-e and drawing workshops

- La Générale, l'Ordonnance, humoristic magazine, Paris 14ème (2021)
With Lucie Pophillat and Ophélie Lefort
- Tapis Tuning, Paradol cultural center, Paris
Duo show with Léa Rivera Hadjès (2019)
- Un quartier, des histoires, Maurice Bouchor Gallery in partnership with
with the city hall of the 14th, Paris Habitat and the association Art sous X, Paris (2018)
- Nishinomiya art center, Osaka, Japan
On proposal of Akemi Tamaki (2015)
- Another smell, Verksmidjan art center, Hjalteyri, Iceland (2014)

- Revue Fantôme
Article "Disobeying, at the dawn of the Arab revolutions
BBB Art Center
- Interview with Audrey Lucazeau
- Félicità 2018, Beaux-Arts de Paris Éditions
Interview of Olivia Sanchez
- Untilted Mag
Interview of Sandra Barré
- Hjalteyri, Beaux-Arts de Paris Éditions
Writing and drawings
- NHK World, Rendez-vous à Paris
Interview with Christophe Chauveau, Lutetia Films

- Death before dishonor, Nishinomiya art center, Osaka, Japan
On proposal of Akemi Tamaki

- Christmas exhibition, Bertrand Grimont x Maison contemporain gallery, on invitation by Romain Tichit
- Fonderie de l'image, online festival
Online performance "Ordonnance urgente" (2020)
- Salo VI, Les Salaisons, Paris
On proposal of Laurent Quénéhen, curator Baozhong Cui
- Tapis Tuning, Paradol center, Paris
On invitation of Carine Petit, the 14th district town hall, duo show with
Léa Rivera Hadjès
- Who doesn't bend, Galerie du Montparnasse, Paris
On invitation of the city hall of the 14th and the association Art sous X
- Stand-up art, BBB art center, Toulouse
On proposal of Stefania Meazza
- En avant toutes, IESA art & culture, Paris
Exhibition-sale to the benefit of the association "En avant toutes
On proposal of Ynaée Benaben
- Portrait(s), Maurice Bouchor Gallery, Paris
On the proposal of Sylvie Meyer Dreux
- Keep the course, Valérie Delaunay Gallery, Paris
Exhibition-sale to the benefit of the association Femmes Solidaires
- Offprint, Paris
On proposal of Yannick Bouillis
- L'Ailleurs, l'Amour, Bagnolet
On proposition of Laure Barrillé
- Offprint, Paris
On proposal of Yannick Bouillis
- Onnur Lykt, Hjalteyri Art Center, Iceland
On proposal of Gustav Geir Bollasson

Works by Manon Delarue

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