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Madge Gill

1882 - 1961
United Kingdom

2 Works exhibited on Kooness

Madge Gill (name at birth Maude Ethel Eades) was born in London/England and grew up in different homes. Probably she has worked as a farm labourer in Canada before she returned to London at the age of 19 to work as a nurse. An aunt introduced her to spiritualism. Marrying her cousin in 1907, she had four children, of whom only one survived. She fell seriously ill and lost the sight of her left eye. At the age of 37 she began to draw at night in complete darkness. She saw herself as a medium and believed that she was guided by the voice of the spirit „Myrinerest“. She wrote and produced ink drawings, initially of biblical scenes on rolls of material, the longest of these works being 11 metres long. From a network of densely wrought fine lines she sketched fantastic palaces in which women in opulent garments are the focal points. Although her pictures were exhibited during her lifetime, she refused to sell any of them, saying that they did not belong to her but to “Myrinerest”.