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LYS Stefano Lupicano

1985 Naples, Italy

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Stefano Lupicano's Smart Art, aka LYS, lives on momentary visual suggestions drawn from the vast iconographic panorama of fashion photography, the art of Neoclassicism and social media that come together in a dreamy and rarefied atmosphere. In the surreal dimension of his works, the images interpenetrate simply by using the photo retouching apps of the smartphone, without the aid of tablets or PCs, so that the original impression formed in the mind is instantly translated into a work of art , without borders or space-time constraints.

Here then the sinuous shapes of the nymphs with a classical beauty portrayed by Bouguereau are covered with drapery with floral decorations, tribal tattoos appear on the white skin of the noblewomen of Ingres and, on the nineteenth-century and early 1900s costumes of the maidens by Émile Auguste Hublin and William McGregor Paxton, monogram fabrics appear with the logos of well-known fashion brands that we also find on baroque vanitas, reflecting all the lashing satirical vein of the artist on the anxiety of appearance of contemporary society; other times from the ethereal and harmonious bodies, depicted in statuesque poses, of the models in the Stein, a luxuriant pre-Raphaelite vegetation emerges and dreamlike evolutions of architectures floating in the void, while the backgrounds are animated by perspectives of trees in dim light, rococo and brocade furnishings, constantly poised between surrealist estrangement and lively chromatic explosions in the Neo Pop style. A combination of elements in a fluid amalgam that ends up incorporating homages to Tim Walker's fairytale and visionary appearances, enriched with sumptuous draperies.

The LYS technique is of such visual impact and formal elegance that has ended up also involving the fashion system industry to propose it as a digital presentation of the models. The artist was invited to present his Smart Digital Fashion on the occasion of the S.T.ARTS congress, funded by the European Commission for New Technologies in Genoa and IUAD. Institute of Universal Art and Design in Naples and Milan. After collaborating as lighting designer with important directors and set designers internationally, he exhibited in New York and Shenzhen, China.

Works by LYS Stefano Lupicano

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