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180 x 140cm

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Luigi Citarrella Palermo 1981. His path since the beginning feels an innate predisposition towards the material. In the classrooms of the school of sculpture of the Academy of Palermo he grows in close contact with great masters. With the years of study, his solid bases are enriched, opening to a harmonious union between his traditional training and a thought increasingly directed towards the languages of contemporaneity. He has recently participated in the 56th Venice Biennale. From modeled clay to sculpted marble and lacquered resins, Luigi creates "still lifes" with a strong emotional impact. Dead animals, of which a perfect cast has been made, precise in the rendering of the detail, impressive in this frozen white that eternalizes the forms. On calves, cow heads, pig skins, chickens and hens, liquid plaster drips, making them become monuments to immortality, blocking them in their last breath of life. In reality, in the reproduced lifeless forms, the beauty of creation is still exalted, confirming the greatness of art in restoring the design of life, forever surpassing its temporal limit. Currently engaged in the project Korbàn: bodies of animals and flowers, shapes and colors become a unicum in the transparency of the resin. The sophisticated and elegant beauty of the flowers contrasts with the drama of death, exorcising it, the latter in fact becomes life, flourishes again.  Luigi Citarrella's research, apparently oriented to amaze and scandalize the user through an almost baroque theatricality, tells about the sacredness of man's sacrifice to God and its eternal value.