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Luia Corsini is an Italian-American artist, born in NYC in 1994. Corsini’s work is called “the grid”, a geometric sequence that explores narratives and techniques through shape and color. A journey of six plus years, evolving with her curiosity of her surroundings, environments and cultures. "‘The grid’ is an extension of myself, my story and visions. First discovered in New York City, while exploring tape techniques on a canvas, I was pursuing perfection of geometric shapes, and accidentally created a sequence going beyond shapes in a narrative. An exposition of a narrative through color and shape. While my paintings have a geometric composition I consider them to be abstract because I want the viewer to question what the meaning of my paintings are. I too am interested in questioning the viewer’s perspective when they see my paintings. Art should have multiple interpretations because it is a dialogue with the subconscious. The viewer is invited to explore my paintings, to look in between the lines of the positive and negative space, to lose themselves and perhaps find themselves within the shapes and colors.”