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Courbevoie, France

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Ludovic Thiriez is a French artist, living and working in Budapest, Hungary.

He is primarily a painter but often combines paintings with installations and objects. His main research of the last five years is developed around the theme of childhood: he explores this period of life, its contrasts, emotions, transitions and passions that reflect our condition as human beings.

His painting is like an accumulation of experiences, images and ideas; a mixture that the artist organizes in a simple and chaotic way. Describing his work, he likes to talk about collages, overlays of elements that tell stories that oscillate between reality, fairy tale and surrealism. On canvas, the composition is built on the contrast of abstract brushstrokes with the figurative element. 

Life appears as an oxymoron, a romantic contradiction that creates a fragile balance. Nature and plants are constant presences but it is after his trip to Brazil that the use of the natural element is further emphasized in his paintings. In a kind of magic, trees and plants find their way to a perfect visual balance.

Hungarian embroideries are an imprint of her history but also a powerful symbol of the transmission of culture and knowledge between generations. Each region of Hungary had its own codes and designs that were improving and passing from one generation to the next. These designs were displayed on pieces of fabric, used as a bridge between generations that erodes over time.

Animals are also a recurring element in his paintings, as they are also present in almost all fairy tales. They are friends of children and their imaginary stories but, in many cultures, they also have a strong symbolic meaning of guidance and protection.

Solo Exhibitions

2020 Onirique, Gare82, Brescia, Italia
2018 Playground, Bernheimer contemporary, Berlino, Germania
2015 Brody Art Yard, “portrait project” con Rogerio Mesquita
2014 Centro Cultural Octo Marques, «Prologuo», Goiania Brasile
2012 Héviz Museum
2010 Budapest, French institute June-September 2010/ Retrospective of 2 years in Budapest
2009 Brody House (esposizione permanente)
2008 Gödör. Event exhibition: "Euromed"
2008 Paris Show room gallery Griesmar Tamer


Group Exhibitions

2019 Art fair, Art Mucc, München, special Guest, Germany
2019 Art Fair, Art Verona, Gare 82 Gallery, Italy
2019 Art fair, Art market Budapest, Brody House Collection, Hungary
2019 «Bizarre» curato da Bojar Ivan Andras, Loft b111, Budapest, Hungary
2018 Luxembourg Art Prize, Pinacothèque of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
2018 Art Fair, Art Market Budapest, with Brody house collection, Hungary
2017 Mixed realities, Bernheimer contemporary, Berlin, curated by Isabel Bernheimer
2017 «White wall», J+ gallery, New York
2016 Karlsruhe art Fair, Germany, with Bernheimer contemporary
2016 «When did we stop playing?2» With Berneihmer contemporary at Kremers Gallery, Berlin
2016 «When did we stop playing?» Bernheimer contemporary and Anna Laudel, curated by Isabel Bernheimer, Istanbul
2016 Miami, collector’s dinner
2016 Art fair,  Art Market Budapest
2016 Dream Hunters, Latarka Galeria, Budapest
2016 Leonard Tourné Gallery, New York
2015 Art Fair, Art Market Budapest
2013/2014 Residency and exhibition at the Art club Tofiq House in Sao Paulo
2013 Group talks and exhibitions at Ateliê Hermes, directed by Nino Cais and Carla Chaim, Sao Paulo
2012/2013 Foire Européenne d’art contemporain, Strasbourg, St –Art galerie Boyrié
2012 Lisabird am Schwarzenbergplatz, Vienna, curated by Lisa Kandelhofer
2012 Lisabirds beach Gallery, Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria curated by Lisa kandlhofer
2011 Permanent exhibition at Brody House
2010-11 Vienna, Art collective, Lisabird
2011 Art Market Budapest with the curratrice Anna Grundberg
2008 Exhibition :Salon off de la photographie contemporaine, ateliers Richelieu Paris
2008 Brody Sandor Open Studio
2008 M[ei]DE Tüzraktér
2007 Fine art school of Budapest; selected for a temporary exhibition.
2007 Brody Sandor Open Studio (Alexander Tinei, Etienne De Fleurieu, Bullet Shih)

2018 First place at Luxembourg Art Prize
2014 FFW MAG Brazil
2008 Catalogue Millon et Associés edition 2009
2008 exhibition Drouot Montaigne, Paris and creation of a quotation
2003 Salon de printemps de la peinture d’Hagondange, Prix jeune