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Lucie Linder

1988 France

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Born in 1988, Lucie Linder graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d'Art de Lorraine.

After having chained several residences at the villa Belleville, at La Mue in Normandy, then at the Point éphémère, she now creates within the villa Mais ici in Aubervilliers.

Her photographs, engravings, installations question the limits between reality and imagination. Her latest projects are oriented towards cyanotype photographic practice, as well as performances linked to her sculptures.

She offers an “existential work” between presence and absence, recovery and unveiling playing on the boundaries between wild body and return to nature.

Her practice extends through collaborations with dancers, writers, musicians and artists.

Her last exhibitions have taken place notably at the Maison de la Photographie in Lille, at the Plateforme Paris gallery and soon at the Eko Sato gallery.

"The artist strives to apply a technical know-how to create her pieces evoking the slowness of a meticulous gesture. The motif she repeats refers to an infinite movement and refers to the formation of corals.

Her cold porcelain sculptures evoke the moults of animals like laces to wear on oneself to become a new hybrid being. Some are made to then be worn or staged in contact with nature. ”

Extract from a text on the artist by Pauline Lisowski.

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