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Lorraine Marcus

South Africa

4 Works exhibited on Kooness

Works by Lorraine Marcus



120 x 90 x 3cm

938,14 €

Mad Hatters Tea Party


62 x 52 x 3cm

649,86 €



76 x 51 x 3cm

776,90 €

Little Lulu In Suburbia


91 x 71 x 3cm

889,28 €

Lorraine Marcus is a South African Fine Artist who has been producing work prolifically for over 30 years. Her work is expressionist in style and her abstract, figurative practice is pure and refined. Marcus is known for her emotionally deep, yet whimsical artworks that express her vivid interpretation of the world as she experiences it - expressing a poignant acknowledgement of sadness through humour and absurdity - brought together in a catalogue of multitextured artworks that both stimulate and prompt discussion. Lorraine's work embodies a commitment to delivering art that is true to her stories, experiences and world-view.


Dastkari, Midrand, 2005

Gail Machanic Studio, Parktown North, 2004, 2002

Spaza Gallery, Troyeville, 2003

Isis Gallery, Sandton Village Walk, 2008

Life on Iris, Norwood, 2019