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United States

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This artists has a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. His graduate work involved Computer-aided Geometric Design, which is the mathematical description of a shape for use in computer graphics and structural analysis software. He has enjoyed a fulfilling engineering career with the highlight being employed by the U.S. Navy where he was introduced to high-speed and immersive photography. He currently works as a freelance artist/programmer building virtual tours for clients including the Smithsonian, Google, Supreme Court, and Arlington National Cemetery. Being raised in Idaho near Yellowstone instilled a strong affinity for nature and its many wonders. His technical background combines with this to create photography revealing the elegant moments in nature at grand or intimate scales. It may be a panorama of a mountain range stitched together from multiple photographs, or perhaps the close-up of a bee gently walking across a flower. In all of his work he strives to achieve technical excellence in the clarity and quality of the image data, whilst hiding that technical aspect behind an artful composition.