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United States

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Earthly Bodies...


Paintings , Oil

60.96 x 71.12cm

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91.44 x 53.34cm

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Logan Crompton is a member of the Black Student Union - BSU and a senior at the Kansas City Artist Institute with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Painting and Art History (anticipated: 2023)

Logan Crompton constructs narratives through painting, printmaking, and collage. Their work focuses on portraiture, patterns, and pop symbols to create these narratives. Crompton is currently pursuing their undergrad at the Kansas City Art Institute and is a double major in Painting and Art History. Their work formarly deconstructs elements of pop culture and iconography through its pairing with portraiture and text-based works. Through saturated colors, gestural mark-making, and digital collage Crompton's work elicits a facade of happiness.

"As an artist I strive to explore the concept of beauty and its extremes. When creating a piece I challenge myself to tackle subjects that personally resonate with my experiences in a way that also lends to my visual aesthetics. Even when addressing the concepts of fear and anxiety through my pieces it is my goal to pose the subjects in a way that is timeless and without total antagonism. It is my intention to carry my love for investigation of life through art while pursuing a higher education. I will be attending the Kansas City Art Institute in the fall and major in art history. Throughout high school I learned that art is more than visuals, it demands context. Art is never without meaning. Even in the absence of a clear subject or purpose the intention of the artist gives a piece undeniable power and meaning. As an 18 year old I still have much to learn about what I want to portray to the world through my art but the fact that I hold that power is a most empowering experience."