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Liviu Bulea

Turda, Romania

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Works by Liviu Bulea

#COCOCO & #808080


132 x 33 x 2cm

3000,00 €

Collected Lost Memory #1


24 x 17 x 2cm

600,00 €

Lost memory #2


47 x 30 x 5cm

950,00 €

Playground #1


100 x 100 x 10cm

1900,00 €

Citymap #2


50 x 50cm

Ruin #4


100 x 100 x 10cm

1900,00 €

Ruin #1


150 x 100cm

2200,00 €

Originally from Turda, Romania, Liviu Bulea finished his studies in Graphics at the University of Art and Design of Cluj-Napoca. The artist has established himself through a series of displays, the latest of them in 2016 – during his stayat Kultur Kontakt Vienna & a final exposition „Simulacrum” ( Paralell Vienna). 

His artistic activity is characterized by personal and collective ventures and his interest taken in undertakings of production design and curatorial projects, with local and national impact. His conceptual artistic understanding pursues two distinct concerns, both indissolubly linked to his personal life and experiences: a dimension of the intimate, of masculine sexuality and the immediate experiences and memories, which all bring about feelings to the likes of love, isolation, drama, tragedy – discrepancies from the view of the ethics and social standards, the politics and economic context so current in East European average perception (Crypto, About White); and a dimension with a tendency towards generalization, a dimension of increasing industrial environments, of the upheaving role of an object cumulated in the different stages of designing a material world (Sold Out, Unnatural circumstances), these staged are part of a certain culture and are very current in their socio-economic character.

Thus, in this sense, the motif of ruins, prefabs and recyclables enter into a dialog with architecture (abstract this time around) which exceeds spatial coordinates and follows the morphology of personal depictive fusions.


Cluj-Napoca, Romania, IAGA Contemporary Art, Curated by Olimpia Georgeta Bera;
Simulacrum, Vienna, Austria, Parallel Vienna;
Crypto 2, Bucharest, Romania, Make a Point Gallery, Curated by Catalin Valean;
Crypto, Cluj Napoca, Romania, Reactor de creatie si experiment, Curated by Catalin Valean;
Sold Out, Oradea, Romania, Visual Kontakt, Curated by Olimpia Bera;
Cancerilizare, Cluj Napoca, Romania, Casa Matei Gallery;
Joy of Life, Cluj Napoca, Romania, National Theatre;



Mazipos, Oradea, Romania, Laborator Visual Kontakt, Curated by Carlos Carmomendina;
Unnatural Circumstances, Cluj Napoca, Romania, Visual Kontakt Gallery, in collaboration with Olimpia Bera;
Local Municipalities, Oradea, Romania, Laborator Visual Kontakt, curated by Olimpia Bera and Carlos Carmomendina;
Muian, Oradea, Romania, Visual Kontakt Gallery, Curated by Alina Staicu;
Genesis, Jurmala-Riga, Latvia, Jurmala City Museum, Curated by Edmunds Lucis;
Poster/Plakat, Katowice, Poland, ASP Katovice, curated by Roman Kalarus;
4th edition of the international Student Biennale of Novi Sad, Serbia, 2010.

2018 Cluj-Napoca, Romania, IAGA Contemporary Art, art catalogue.

Residency at Kultur Kontakt Austria, offered by Chancellery of Austria, project Simulacrum, July 7th - September 31st 2016;
Residency at Visual Kontakt Gallery, Oradea, Romania, project Sold Out, september 2013.