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Leslie Sheryll

1954 United States

6 Works exhibited

Current location

Jersey City

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Leslie Sheryll, grew up in Riverdale New York and now lives in Jersey City. She received her BFA from Kansas City Art Institute. Her work explores female identity in a phallocentric society. In her photo based work she appropriates and manipulates 19th century tintypes which she scans and transforms into a digital collage based on history, imagery, personal experience and an infusion of fantasy. Sheryll names each woman thus empowering them with their own identity as at that time a woman’s identity was that of her husband’s. She explores restrictions put upon women so that they fit into societal norms. Sheryll’s other work include a series of paper mache sculptures called Body Armors. These armors function as a way to protect, empower, entice and repel. She also incorporates cross stitch, a traditional practice taught to young girls whose proficiency made them attractive candidates for marriage. The 19th century, a fascinating era, brought the industrial revolution, scientific invention, Darwinism and the beginning of the women’s suffrage movement. The women in these images fought for women’s rights, they have stories to tell. In 2018 women’s rights are being stripped away. We need to know their stories as they are our history.

Most recent Group Exhibitions

2021 A Gathering Of Facebook Friends, The Gallery Space, Rajway, N.J.

2020 “Foci” Oyster Point Hotel, Red Bank, N.J.

2020 Woman’s History Month, City Hall, Jersey City, N.J.

2020 Resistant Women, Merseles Studios, Jersey City, N.J.

2020 Feminine/Masculine. PH21 Gallery, Budapest, Hungary

2020 Red, Novado Gallery, Jersey City, N.J.

2020 Krappy Photo Show, Soho Photo, New York, N.Y.

2020 International Photography Exhibition 162 RPS, Traveling Show England 

2020 Radical Women Exhibition, Newark Public Library, Newark, N.J.

2019 Rude and Bold Women, Garland Gallery, Binghamton, N.Y.


Most recent Awards

2018  Honorable Mention LA Photo Curator Mourning Tears: Louisa and Baby II   

2018  Honorable Mention  

2018  Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, 11h Edition Runner Up,  Manipulation and Collage Series: Witch or Healer

2018  PORTALS 2018, Grand Prize winner, Juror Darren Ching, NYC4PA, New York, N.Y.

2018  PORTALS 2018, Juror Pick, Juror Darren Ching, NYC4PA, New York, N.Y

2018  The Photography Gala Awards, Women Seen By Women,

          Runner Up, Series: Antidote

2017  The Gala Awards 10th Pollux Award winner, category, Children, Series: Sugar and Spice

2017  Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, 10th Edition

         Winner Category, Alternative Process        

2017  A Stitch in Time, Finalist Art Scene Today online competition


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