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Lazarus Siakos

Athens, Greece

1 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Glyfada, Greece

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Works by Lazarus Siakos

The Beauty Trap


Lightbox , Collage

254 x 70cm

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Lazarus Siakos is a self-thaught artist and creative individual who starts out from personal collections such as matchboxes, stamps, seaglass, magazines, plants, to create entities as design objects and artworks. Such are for instance The Little Match Girl - a large scale canvas with a collage of rare matchboxes, - Stamp Cabinet - a common bookcase transformed through a collage of rare and exotic stamps, and Motherhood - a collage of old masters' Madonna and Child depictions. His most recent large-scale project, The Beauty Trap, alludes to his childhood fascination with jewellery, luxury objects and precious items, and uses the shine and colors of cut-out printed gems to create a detailed collage of a surreal and allegorical landscape. The artist calls it Brillantism. Within the same concept, he is currently working on Ambivalence: A Life Cycle (working title) on the fine line between life and death.

Luxembourg Art Prize Certificate of Merit 2022

Luxembourg Art Prize Certificate of Merit 2021