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Laurie Jacquetty

1990 France

1 Works exhibited

Current location

Nice, France

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  • About the Artist

Born in 1990, lives and works in Nice. Graduated from the Villa Arson in 2017.

Her sculptures are made from a collection of poor materials, derisory and precarious objects.

Evolving as they are found and combined, they are not thought of as a finished form but executed in a certain urgency with what spontaneously offers itself to her. Their arrangement depends more on the materials themselves, on their own characteristics than on forms thought out in advance.

Her assemblages of bricks and mortar take on the meaning of dwelling, refuge, and boat and refer to the idea of catastrophe in a post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

His most recent pieces in wood, on a reduced scale, recall the protective and threatening dwellings of fairy tales.

Elements evoking nature always appear in an impromptu way from these rudimentary shelters as if they were the continuity of it even as if they formed a single body.

The huts shelter only to better expose us to nature but also to our own nature, to our intimacy.

An immense space opens up in these miniatures; the macrocosm and the microcosm being consonant.

They invite the spectator to dream, to stop.

Works by Laurie Jacquetty

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