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Laurent Gongora

1978 France

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Laurent Gongora (1978) graduated from the Ecole Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg and today resides in the 6b workshops in Saint-Denis.

Artist of the intervention, his work is characterized by a transversal approach between environmental art and diversion of reality, with a particular obsession for the universe of the cabinet of curiosity. What interests him above all in sculpture is its tangibility.

Starting from the principle that we can apprehend an art object as we apprehend an everyday object, the artist abandons the field of representation for that of the presentation of something new, even incongruous in reality.

Whether it is redrawing the silhouette of a mountain, installing a semi-submerged bridge, inventing a false nature, or even arranging a choir of Swiss cuckoos in a grove, his interventions crystallize different visual registers. for a common denominator: that of creating puzzling experiences because they are physically connected to the real world.

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