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Lars van den Brink ( 1977) lives and works in Amsterdam. For Lars, creating the images is closely related to its development. In his work he explores techniques that allow him to depict his fascination for a person, a location or a subject. Lars's fascination with distorting reality began in the last two years of his education at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague (1996 - 2001). With his artwork Lars bends the visual story to his own will. He does not intervene what is happening in front of his lens. He makes use of what occurs and builds his story with it.“I am not staging what is happening. I work with whatever reality offers me, I work with it. I just observe everything that happens in front of my lens, the people, traffic, life. It is a summary of the time and gives my work a documentary character. Then, in creating the image, I filter what intrigues me. In this way I paint with time, as it were. ” Technology is his means, man his motivation. “Where I meet the other. I want to focus my lens on that.”