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Fun With Nikolaj


Paintings , Acrylic

79.38 x 64.44 x 5.08cm

1112,00 €

I have always been interested and driven in the pursuit of my work by the simple abstract elements of
Light, Color, and Space. These new works are no exception. Years ago, I became even more interested in
Illusion. The ability to fool or deceive the eye particularly in the confined, two-dimensional space of a
flat canvas became a primary focus of mine. This Trompe-l’oeil technique seemed particularly effective
in my abstract environments. I use many other simple techniques like the grid, the basic color theory of
advancing and receding colors, and layering to enhance this deception. Many of these new pieces are
covered with a final coat of epoxy resin. This technique gives a glass like quality to the surface along with
enriching the color, but I’m more interested in the statement to the viewer that this surface is totally flat
thus further enhancing the illusion.

Larry Hefner received his Master of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Oklahoma. He is a Professor
Emeritus of Design in the Department of Design at the University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond,
Oklahoma. Larry is currently a professional fine artist working from his studio in Oklahoma City,
Oklahoma. He is a multi-disciplined artist working with a variety of media and techniques. His work has
been exhibited in many local and regional museums and galleries winning numerous awards. For the
past forty plus years, Larry has worked as a graphic designer/photographer, owning his own studio, The
Hefner Group.