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Lady Gueguette


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Montreuil, France

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  • About the Artist

Lady Gueguette (aka Marion Guérineau) is a graphic designer with a background in publishing, as well as an artist. Her work is mainly composed of collages, monotypes, photos that explore the different stages of the love relationship.

She lives in Montreuil, France.

Through different media, from books to posters, her introspective work, anchored in our Western societies, in the era of social networks and dating applications, proposes a reading of several questions: how do young women (especially because she is one) apprehend their bodies - and those of their love partners? How do they deal with their desire? And in what new forms does it express itself, does it assert itself?

Her various publications testify to her unique interpretation of the Self, of the esteem of the latter. But also how the Self adapts and sometimes even supports its relationship to the Other.

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