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Kozo Shibataka

Osaka, Japan

3 Works exhibited on Kooness

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Kozo Shibataka is a contemporary artist from Japan. Graduated from Musashino Junior College of Art in 1968 and has developed his style of expression mainly with copperplate engraving based in Kansai since 1978. His works are usually Monoprints and Drawings. . His unique engraving expression is highly recognized in and outside Japan. 

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions:

2012: Ashiya Gallery (Hyogo)

2013: GALLERY Ami-Kanoko (Osaka), Amano Gallery (Osaka), Yosimi Shibataka: Crafts Kozo Shibataka (Osaka)

2014: Book Art 20013-14 Japan-Korea, Nakanoshima Design Museum

2015: Gallery Yamaki Fine Art (Kobe, Hyogo)

2018: Ashiya Gallery Kyoto (Kyoto)