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20.4 x 30.4cm

69,89 €



20.4 x 30.4cm

69,89 €

Klavdia Balampanidou is a Greek photographer currently based in Athens.

The prints are part of her project ‘They Sing A Song Only You Can Hear’, where she explores the problem that arises after the end of a relationship and how it redifines personal identities. 

It attempts to visualize the internal situation experienced by the people in transition who are entering in a temporary situation, knowing that the old one is dying and wishes to move to a new condition. Through this initial uncomfortable process, which was characterized by feelings of emptiness, uncertainty, fear and tension, the ones experiencing it are called upon to confront themselves, their desires and lick their wounds in order to reconnect with themselves.

Lost in empty and wild places, into rooms or into the nature, they are able to communicate and express their emotions. Having no fear to show their true self throughout the transition, they keep moving forward, singing their own song and looking to be heard by the ones who have felt and experienced feelings of loneliness and share the knowledge that no price is too high to pay for owning your own voice.

2020 | History and Theory of Arts (MA), Cyprus University of Technology.
2018 | Audio & Visual Arts (Integrated Masters), Ionian University.
2018 | Contemporary Photography, Stereosis School of Photography.

Selected Exhibitions
2021 | 30 Under 30 Women Photographers by Artpil. RAW / Rome Art Week.
2021 | Yogurt: MOJO Flavour, Charta festival, Rome.
2020 | Photo Exhibition - Art Installation -  They Sing a Song Only You Can Hear, Youth Makerspace, Larnaca. (Solo)
2019 | Public Art, iFocus Photo Gallery, Athens.
2018 | Thessalonik PhotoBiennale, Common Places / Parallel Stories, Thessaloniki.
2018 | Young Greek Photographers - Athens Photo Festival, Benaki Museum, Athens.
2018 | Photoworks presents ‘Collaborate’ at Free Range, Truman Brewery, London.
2018 |  SKG Bridge Festival. Thessaloniki Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki.
2015 | Default "x6", Thessaloniki.

Selected Seminars
2017 | History and Theory of Photography with Paris Petridis, Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki.
2016 | Curating Practices workshop with Eva Kekou, Faro, Athens.
2016 | Photo editing masterclass with Stratos Kalafatis, Paris Petridis and Hercules Papaioannou, Museum of Photography, Thessaloniki.
2015 - 2016 | Stereosis school of contemporary photography, Thessaloniki.

La Monnaie the Brussels Royal Opera House. Poster for Opera Frankenstein by Mark Grey.
Kink | Magazine showcasing ambitious European talents. Editorial.

Makershouse 2020 | Youth Makerspace, Larnaka.

Writing, Lecturing & Artist Talk
2021 | Guest writer - Articles about Women Photographers, Photologio.gr
2021 | Artist Talk at Pafos Cultural Centre, organized by Cyprus Photographic Society, Pafos Branch.
2020 | Guest lecturer, Department of Photography, IEK Omiros.

Selected Interviews & Articles
Public Offerings | Behin the Lens: Writer and curator Kate Neave speaks to Klavdia Balampanidou
Velvet Eyes | An independent publisher focused in contemporary photography. Showcase and Q&A with Ilias Lois.
Lifo | Interview and presentation of the photo series "From Hand to Mouth".
Bird in Flight | Online magazine about photography and visual culture. Showcase and Interview.
Semi zine | Art magazine for visual art. Showcase and interview.
Foto Femme United | International women’s photography group empowering women in photography. Article about my work.

2022 | "The land which we come from" published by Sola Journal. 
2022 | Il corpo solitario vol. III, edited by GiorgioBonomi and published by Rubbettino.
2021 | MOJO flavour, a biannual publication by Yogurt Magazine.
2018 | Underdogs, magazine about contemporary photography.
2018 | Birthplace & Birthname, self-published, edition of 5.
2017 | Owk Zine, visual library for words and images.


Online features & Publications
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2021 | 30 Under 30 Women Photographers, Artpil.
2018 | Young Greek photographer, Hellenic Center of Photography.